Our fellowship is established on human merit and our collective enthusiasm for vintage cars and historic racing.

Scuderia Lounge

We not only participate various races both in Hungary and abroad, but meet up in our Scuderia Lounge in Érd on a monthly basis.photo

About Us

Vintage cars are treasures of the engineering history and masterpieces to be preserved for next generation. We share this statement, however, we believe that we best tribute their designers and manufacturers if we use them properly, i.e. driving them. This is the Scuderia Coppa Amici philosophy.

Scuderia Coppa Amici (SCA) was set up in 2006, as fellowship of speed- and oldtimer enthusiast friends. SCA became an official sports club in 2009.

While we are present in various concourses and venues both in Hungary and abroad, we are desired to participate as much as possible outings and events focusing on racing and the performance of human and machine, instead of exhibiting cars and fun-riding them. For us, any classic-race is more a challenge than (only) fun.

Any of our member’s cars shall comply with our standards, set in the SCA Standards Charter. All our members are welcome to participate any of our events, education, races and tours. The club provides with various support and allowances for members, helps out in either acquiring cars and spare part or arranging logistic support for race participation.

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Scuderia Coppa Amici – a place, where value is not measured in money but in human performance and sportsmanship. Accordingly, membership is not bound by a remarkable account balance, but by a minimum 75% acceptance of our existing members and a modest HUF 20,000 (approx. EUR70,-) annual membership fee.

In case you wish to join Scuderia Coppa Amici, please fill our application form HERE.!

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We are proud to welcome you as Scuderia Copa Amici member candidate. Please read and accept our or SCA Standards Charter and fill our application form afterwards. Please either mail your application to us (Scuderia Coppa Amici, Hungary, 2030 Érd, Szajkó str 5) or e-mail it to us (scuderia.amici@gmail.com). All your personal information will be treated in full privacy, not to be disclosed to third party.

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Being a member or fan, you can purchase our team wear here.

Fekete póló

Black T-shirt 4 900 Ft

I'll take one size. I'll take another size. I'll take another size.
Kék ing

Blue shirt 11 000 Ft

I'll take size. I'll take another size. I'll take another size.
Fekete kabát

Black jacket 25 000 Ft

I'll take size. I'll take another size. I'll take another size.

Lanyard 400 Ft

I'll take piece(s).

Patch (7×8 cm) 1 500 Ft

I'll take piece(s).
Műgyantázott embléma

Resin emblem (4.5×5 cm) 500 Ft

I'll take piece(s).

Sticker (7×8 cm) 130 Ft

I'll take piece(s).

Sticker (30×33 cm) 1 500 Ft

I'll take piece(s).

Sticker (50×55 cm) 2 900 Ft

I'll take piece(s).
Szélvédő felirat

Windshield lettering 150 Ft

I'll take piece(s).


E-mail: scuderia.amici@gmail.com